A downloadable game for Windows

Immerse yourself in this fast-paced top-down shooter! 

The protagonists create a new ingredient for Ice Cream that becomes really popular in town, so popular that people enter into a psychotic state where they want more...More….MORE!!

It’s now your turn to “deliver” a cure to your own mess, and the only way to deliver it is by giving them what they want the most.

Survive as much as possible the hordes of hungry children who will try to eat your ice cream!



WASD to move

1/2/3 to change weapon or mouse wheel

Warning! you can reload your weapons by staying inside the ice cream puddles

Made by Eggplant Brigade

Mattia "King" Radaelli: Game Designer / Voice 

Chiara "Kicka" SanvitiGame Designer

Roberto "Rob" ZottaProgrammer

- Lorenzo "Nain" Tommasetta: Game Designer

Also by:

- Nameless GamesProgrammer

- Filippo Cassini: Artist

Some of the environment's assets are bought and not directly made by us. 

Made on the occasion of the Ice Cream Jam 2020


Hungry Apocalypse [Beta.0.1].rar 24 MB

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